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Beart - specialize in stone

We specialize in activities such as:

      • Implementation of tiles, skirting facades, fronts of buildings and fountains
      • building classic fireplaces, furnaces, fireplaces and fireplaces portals for alcohol
      • Construction of chimneys, retaining walls and fences with pointing and filling joints with mortar
      • cintoríska architecture, monuments and gilding font
      • realization granite kitchen, bar, worktops and sills mounted on peace
      • manufacture of earthenware tile and brick, concrete stairs
      • Implementation of tiles, preparation and settling caul stones
      • Delivery of supplements from natural and artificial stone
      • maintenance, repair stone restoration and renovation works
      • offer the use of our machines: cutting and cutting a bridge saw
      • milling, grinding stone and metal
      • Sandblasting fonts, surfaces or ornaments - machining of stone and metal


Our company specializes in the distribution and processing of natural stone for construction, architecture, household and home interiors and exteriors, Cintorínska and sacral architecture. We offer comprehensive services in the construction area, including the processing of other materials as well as cast stone, wood, metal working and with its mounting. We guarantee the quality of professional development and expertise in specific skills.

  The company aims to provide customers, architects, construction companies and individual contractors complex services from consulting, design, and design visualization to the actual construction and assembly.


We offer


Compress - The fountain in the groundPlanking - Square senicaCross monument - PERNEKSlovak House - Lower Oresany

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